Whirlpool BIWMWG91484 Derbyshire

Whirlpool BIWMWG91484

Whirlpool BI WMWG 91484 UK Integrated Washing Machine - White


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    Whirlpool BIWMWG91484

    Whirlpool BI WMWG 91484 UK Integrated Washing Machine - White


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    Key Features

    • Dimensions - (H)815 MM x (W)595 MM x (D)545 MM
    • FRESHCARE+|Clever temperature control and delicate tumbling action keeps your laundry fresh inside the washing machine, for up to 6 hours after the cycle has finished.
    • SOFT MOVE|Special drum movements customised to suit different fabric types means your clothes look as good as new, for longer.
    • CLEAN+|Clean+ is an option acting on 3 different levels (Intensive, Daily, Fast) that sets the right washing action, depending on your laundry needs. *Compatible with White and Synthetics up to 40°
    • COLOUR 15|Colour15° delivers the same cleaning results as a 40° cycle.* Reduced temperatures are kinder to your fabrics and colours, with the added bonus of saving on energy use. *Comparison made between mixed 40°C programme and mixed programme with Colour15°C option.
    • 6TH SENSE|Intuitive 6TH SENSE technology continually monitors your laundry, adapting the cycle and resources used to give you superior results, all whilst saving energy, water and time.
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